Living The Dance – Transforming Fear


What to do when things change…

For anyone on a cancer journey, you know “dealing with change” better than most people.  If you’re like me, you might find yourself taking a deep breath each time your scan date rolls around.

We all know the big question… what will they say?

I find it’s not so much what a scan reveals, it’s all in how I respond to the information.  This is the key!

Typically, if the information is “good” I breathe a deep sigh of relief followed by a little prayer of gratitude.  And if it’s not so good…???  Then what?

Here is where you must take a step back, breathe and become centered within yourself.  The choice you make right here in this moment is HUGE.  You must learn how to dance with fear.

If you find yourself feeling stressed, worried or even fearful with any kind of news, you need to take a “time out” and breathe.  Step away from the situation and remind yourself of what you know to be true.  Remind yourself that you are ALIVE in this moment and that your body knows how to heal.  Dig deep within yourself and find the place within where you can return to a sense of peace and calm.

Know that things can change at any given time.  And that you can and will make the best decision for yourself in terms of the next step.  Take time to tune into your Heart and ask for Wisdom.  Use your intuitive Heart to guide you.  Never give in to fear, doubt or uncertainty.

It’s ok to acknowledge those feelings however do not dwell in them.  Think of it like this… Imagine any fear or doubt was like a little child afraid of the storm.  Imagine holding that little child and sending that child messages of love and safety so that their fear transforms into love and comfort and feelings of calm and peace.

Here is a short exercise I developed many years ago that you can do right now to embrace all your feelings and to discover the best source of Love – self Love!  You will be amazed when you do this simple process.

 The Mind-Heart Integration Process

  1. Think of your problem or challenge
  2. Feel the feeling that you have as you think about this problem,
    imagine you are in the thick of it…
  3. Close your eyes and imagine this feeling to be a little child
  4. Ask this child to tell you how he or she is feeling
    listen with love and compassion from your Heart
  5. See yourself bringing this little child close to your Heart in a loving
    embrace—a gentle hug
  6. Within yourself send this little child messages of love and reassurance
    love this little child.  Let this little child know you love him or her, you are there for him or her  and that you understand how he or she is feeling and that everything is  going to be alright…Say these words as you hold this child close to your Heart

  Thank you…   I’m Sorry…   I forgive…   I love you

  1. Place your right hand over your Heart and the other hand over the front part of your head and breathe deeply into this moment…Allowing your mind to integrate into your loving Heart…


Breathe deeply and know that all is well in this moment…

Bring this little child with you from this moment forward into whatever you do and where ever you go
Staying connected to your inner child is a wonderful way to stay present with your feelings.

Developed by Susan M Castle

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