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About 4 years ago my world abruptly came to a stand still when  I was told I had 4th stage ovarian cancer.  Everything in my life was put on hold so that my dedicated focus could be on regaining my health.

What I’ve learned during my 4 year journey was life-changing to say the least.  The kind of lessons you just can’t get from anything other than a life threatening dis-ease.

The Real Lessons

From my partner Paul’s perspective, it wasn’t really the cancer that was the issue.  It was about what each of us felt on the inside about life itself.  In other words, our own personal connection to the life force and a desire to live (rather than the fear of dying).

From the moment I received the diagnosis I knew I wanted to live more than anything.  This is a critical time on one’s journey with cancer.  I believe it becomes necessary to make a most important decision.  That being to live rather than to fear dying.

My inner talk, my daily mantra, became “I want to live!” rather than “I don’t want to die”.  There is a big difference.  May your montra be “I want to live”.

Finding The Gift

The first major lesson was to find the gift.  Instead of focusing on the cancer and its negative effects on my body and my life, I looked for the deeper gifts within the dis-ease, in the daily events (going to the clinic, meeting new people, improvements in blood scores, etc) and deep within myself.

I learned how to transcend the worst news one could possibly here.  Instead of becoming a “cancer patient”, I decided to be a “cancer pioneer” and defy all the odds.  I decided to LIVE and be grateful for every new day and look for the gifts.

How interesting, one of the worst events that can happen in a person’s life actually held deeper gifts than I ever imagined. Simply incredible.

How To Deal With Fear

If there’s one thing that can weave havoc in your life, it’s fear.  When the mind drops into a fear response, and it hears the word “tumor” or “cancer” the brain kicks into a fight or flight syndrome and begins to send a cascade of negative hormones and stressors that can often create an even worse situation.

Once you feel any fear about a piece of news (health, finances, loved one, or your own inner self talk) you actually encode life depleting energy into your cells, tissues, organs, blood and energy system of your entire body.

Always send yourself “good information” life enhancing information.

The Lesson of Gratitude

How do you feel gratitude when you are knee deep in a cancer journey?  First and foremost… I set an intent that I would walk the cancer journey in grace and ease.  That became my prayer.

“May I walk each day in grace and ease”.

Little did I know that that simple shift of mindset would make such a profound effect on my life. Literally every event on my cancer journey was sprinkled with Gratitude. And it affected me almost every day. My husband and I always found something to be grateful for.  No matter what.

We have the power to change the entire cancer field.  Where we’re going is a new paradigm. A new paradigm of thought, feeling, and Be-ing.

Cancer is NOT a death sentence.  With diligent and focused attention you can survive and even thrive.  It all comes down to YOU and how you choose to live each day.

I choose to be grateful first and foremost for my life.  I choose to see and Know that I am healthy.  I choose to see the gift within my journey and to open to the lessons I am being given.

I am ALIVE and I am grateful.

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