Opening To The Uncertainty of Life

How to be ok with loss

Loss is an interesting part of life.  We can experience loss in many different ways.  We can experience loss in the loss of a loved one, the loss of a role (ie mother, daughter, wife), loss of a job, the loss of our good health and even loss of our connection to who we are, our Essence.cancermiracles14

It’s easy to go along moving through our everyday lives propelled mostly by habit and old patterns that feel comfortable.   We often make much to do about nothing and as a result suffer from it.

Sometimes we can even take parts of our lives for granted.  Never taking time anymore to stop and smell the roses and just BE in the moment.

Until… we or someone dear to us has a serious challenge (like a diagnoses of cancer). Time seems to stand still and we receive a “wake up call” like never before. Suddenly for some of us we see that so much of what occupied our thoughts just isn’t that important anymore.  Our old patterns of the busy mind suddenly feel empty and meaningless.  Our priorities are suddenly rearranged and Life itself becomes our highest value.  Savoring the moment becomes our greatest teacher.

For me my “wake up call” was a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.  It opened parts of myself I had forgotten about.  It opened my Heart to a deeper capacity to love and care for myself.  Especially during the most vulnerable moments of uncertainty.

It taught me how to dig deep within and find the Truth, my deepest Knowings.
This was especially helpful in those times of uncertainty.  Times of worrisome
scan results, suboptimal blood tests and unending pain gave me the opportunity to stay connected to my Knowings and remain grounded in my Truth.

Personal Note from Susan:  Today I received news of a good friend who passed away.  It brings me great sadness.  And it calls upon my compassion for his loved ones left behind.  It also reminds me to be grateful for every day of my life, my good health and those whom I love.

It helps me breathe into the uncertainty of life with grace and ease.

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