The Power of Qi To Heal

cancermiraclesThere are many different kinds of energies.  According to the Chinese Grand Masters Qi (chi)  is one specific kind of energy.  It happens to be considered by the Chinese as the purest and most powerful kind of energy. Every one and every thing is made up of Qi.

Qi means breath, energy or air.  It is the energetic fluid that vitalizes the body, Nature and all living things.  Qi gives life to all beings.  Qi vibrates in constant energetic motion within all things and is considered the bridge between matter and spirit.

Human qi comes from two main sources. The first source of qi is inherited from our parents at conception. It is known as the embryonic (qi) vital life force. The second source is derived from essential substances in Nature such as Universal Qi, the air we breathe, the food we eat and water.  Both kinds of qi serve to enhance and balance our organs, blood, and whole body to create optimal health and well being.

Embryonic Qi

The kidney first sends the embryonic vital life force upwards where it combines with the essence of the spleen. It further mixes with the fresh air from the lungs where it finally forms into the qi of the body.

From the study of physics, we know that all energy carries information.  Through a practice of qi gong, we consciously draw information from the Universal Qi Field.  With conscious intent, the information is healthy and life enhancing.

What Is Qi Gong

The word Qi Gong (pronounced “chi gung”) is made up of two Chinese words.  Qi meaning the life force or vital energy that flows through all things in the Universe.  Gong meaning accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice.  Qi Gong is a system designed to cultivate and balance life energy for optimal health.  It is believed that the art of qi gong was first noted 2—5 thousand years ago.  However, many Chinese archeologists say that the science is much older than that.

The early Shamans in China recognized there was a force in the Universe, within Nature, and within themselves that could be harnessed and cultivated for improving their well being. They called this force

They believed qi was the most fundamental entity making up everything in life.  They thought everything in the Universe resulted from the movement, flow and change of qi.  They considered qi to be the vital force energy of all life.

By cultivating the force within (qi) and without (Universal qi) they believed such a practice would enhance their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  Through the practice of meditation, various exercises, certain gentle movements, breathing practices, and visualization, they realized they could change their life force, promote healing, be healthier and live longer. This is the origin of Qi Gong.

Qi Gong has a spiritual element also due to its use of qi.  Some have considered qi to be “the breath of God”.  The Bible states that God breathed life into man (1:30, Psalm 104:29), and that God’s breath caused the Universe (Psalm 33:6).  When the wind blows and the oceans ripple, the earth is breathing.  Her breath is the Universal Qi.

As a Spiritual practice, Qi Gong originated from Taoism and Buddhism and therefore it increases self-awareness, higher wisdom, peace, joy and inner harmony.  The practice of Qi Gong involves gentle movements along with deep rhythmic breathing and conscious Intent.  It is said that qi is gathered with the inhalation as we breathe.  Once gathered, it expands within and settles downward throughout the body.   As we breathe out with the exhalation, we return the stagnant qi back to the Source, thus practicing what the Chinese call “Circulating Qi”.

Some of the ways Qi Gong can be used is to move the qi internally to promote optimal health and healing.  It can also be used to connect with and draw upon Universal qi in order to balance both internal and external qi, release negative life depleting qi and cultivate positive life enhancing qi.
All with the Intent of creating balance and harmony within and without.

The HunYuan Qi

Universal Qi is also called The Hunyuan Qi (“life force”) and refers to the primal Qi of Nature.   It is found within everything, it exists everywhere, and provides an infinite source of nourishment and energy for all life.  The Hunyuan Qi is an energy, a life force, that can be cultivated.

Human consciousness is able to harness The Hunyuan Qi (primal Qi of  Nature) by gathering, absorbing and processing it.  Where the mind goes, the qi will follow.  When human qi is full and balanced, all aspects of the body develop normally, disease is eliminated, health is restored and the Heart opens to higher Wisdom and Divine Love.

Qi Stagnation

When the internal qi gets stuck, stagnates, or becomes out of balance we become sick. When it is in balance and flows freely we live healthy, joyful and peaceful lives.

Stuck qi or qi stagnation can be caused by a number of things.  One of the main causes is emotional imbalance. The imbalance is either due to unresolved and or suppressed emotions.  Emotions cause problems when they are blocked or inappropriately channeled.  When we make peace with our emotions the qi flows and we achieve balance and harmony within.

Emotions are meant to flow.  One of the best books I ever read was called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Carol Truman.  It reminds us of the importance of making peace with all our emotions in order to achieve balance and harmony within.

There is much to be learned by understanding the effects emotions have on energy flow within the body.  Individual emotions will effect the energy flow in different ways.  Anger and stress will cause energy to stagnate and tax the liver.  Prolonged anger can also cause the kidneys to weaken.
Prolonged frustration taxes the gall bladder.  Extended periods of grief, loss and deep sadness weakens the lungs.  Anxiety damages the blood.

“Every emotion resolved is a spiritual lesson learned”
Dr. David Stewart


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