Always Tell Yourself Good Information

cancermiracles9What kind of information are you telling yourself?

What you tell yourself in any moment (especially in a crisis) is critical to your well being.  For me, I took a deep breath when I was given the news of end stage cancer.  It was all so overwhelming and confusing.  When I heard the words “you may have 3-6 months if you are lucky”, I Knew it would be different for me.  I was not willing to allow someone wearing a white coat to tell me if I would live or die.

There is only one ray of Truth in this situation and that is only your Creator knows when it’s your time.  No one else but you and your Creator.  And if you have a strong will to live – you have a great chance of doing just that and more.

And then I heard my Heart speak to me.  My higher Wisdom told me I would be ok.  It was a deep and comforting Wisdom that I call a Knowing.  I heard this powerful message (I’m going to be ok, I will survive, I want to live) the moment I stepped foot out of the doctors office.  This Knowing brought me an inner peace and a calmness to my mind.  It provided love to the little girl inside who was scared.

From that moment forward… my Heart became my guide.  This is the catalyst I speak about that changes every aspect of your life if you’re ready.


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